CBCT Scanner

3-Dimensional Radiographic Examination of the Jaws Joints, Teeth, Bone, Teeth, Skeletal Alignment, and Airway Volume

Our Kodak 9500 Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Volumetric Imaging 10 to 11 second scan has many advantages over a simple panoramic film and digital images, including enabling accurate visualization of head and neck structures and reducing X-ray doses.
In addition to the Kodak 9500 CBCT, it’s images are evaluated by an advanced imaging software, Anatomage, which evaluates your CBCT scan in 3-dimensions, the tissues of your head and neck allowing:

  • The examination of your dental health, your teeth's attachment to your bone, their position in the bone of your mouth, and to screen for infections, cysts and bone cancer.
  • The tracing of the location of critical oral nerves crucial for successful placement of dental implants and removal of teeth.
  • The screening for sleep apnea by measuring your nasopharyngeal airway’s total volume and minimum area, or chokepoint.
  • Orthodontic assessment and treatment planning.
  • And 3-D visualization of your temporomandibular joints position in your skull to verify their skeletal alignment. Along with stability when your teeth are together. These two joints are connected by your lower jaw, the mandible, and must seat when your teeth are together and move in unison to allow you to breath, speak, chew, and swallow pain free.

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  • "Thank you for all your lovely works and most relaxing atmosphere! Looking forward to my next visit. :)"
    Thyda L
  • "Excellent Dentist!
    I was so impressed with the knowledgeable staff and Dr Kurowski on the very my first visit. It’s evident they really care about your overall health with the additional testing. I highly recommend to check it out for yourself!"
    Kim B.
  • "Great Dentist
    I’ve been seeing Dr. K for almost 20 years and have never been disappointed. He takes time with me and does quality work. I highly recommend."
  • "Tengo 5 meses yendo a la clinica del Dr. Kurowski y estoy muy feliz de haber encontrado un dentista que escucha y se toma el tiempo con sus pacientes. Yo tenia problemas de la mandibula y en poco tiempo me a ayudado a cambiar mi vida y ya no sufro con dolor. El doctor Kurowski es un Dr que a ganado mi confianza y lo recomiendo como dentista."
    Angelica F.
  • "Great Dentist. Very knowledgeable Dentist that puts his patients needs first. Gina is great too"
    Kyle B.
  • "Most remarkable dentist we have ever been to. He puts the needs and comfort of his patient above everything else. He is very knowledgeable about TMJ. My daughter had suffered in pain for years. We found Dr. K this year and what a difference he has made in her life. He keeps working till he finds a solution. He and his staff are wonderful, kind, caring people. What a God sent....."
    Vickie A.
  • "Very good experience
    I have had substantial work done by Dr. K. - his evaluation was more thorough than any I have experienced. He developed a detailed treatment plan, reviewed it with me, discussed options and the long term implications. He is very focused on the patient when doing his work, continued to ensure I was comfortable throughout, and explained what he was doing each step of the way. He was not in a hurry and I did not feel like I was "just another patient" - he cared about what he was doing for me."
  • "Dental health relationships
    The past 10 years i have been a patient of Dr. Frank. He has always gone above and beyond to make me and my family understand the improtance of dental health and what to expect during different services. I would recomend him to anyone who strives for quality service and exceptional dental health."
    Vanessa S.